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Contact: Michael Manesh, founder,

About Red Mage, LLC

Red Mage was founded by Michael Manesh in 2012. Like the fantasy character the company is named after, Michael is a jack-of-all trades with experience in both design and development. Michael works out of his home office in Rockville, MD, and is the sole designer and developer of Red Mage. Instabrowser is Red Mage's premier app.

Tech Doctor Podcast - Guest Appearance

Michael made Instabrowser fully VoiceOver compatible after receiving a request from a blind user, Robert. Little did he know, Robert was a doctor, had a podcast, and would invite Michael on as a guest! Instabrowser's Table of Contents is very helpful for VoiceOver users since they can quickly listen to and jump to the important parts of a page, like article titles.

App Store Links

Instabrowser ($2.99)

Instabrowser Zero (Free) - LINK COMING SOON

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Instabrowser Zero:

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